NATTY FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions


 (1). Are Natty Products 100% Natural?

  • Natty Products contain natural and as well as Naturally derived ingredients. Because I only want natural products for me and my family's hair and skin, I decided to create a product where I could ensure that only the best ingredients were incorporated.

     (2). What are the ingredients in Natty Products?
    • Under each created post of Natty Products, on the main page, I have listed all of the wonderful ingredients and also included details of how they work.

      (3). How do you achieve the color in your Natty Gloss?
      • In the Natty Gloss, I incorporate natural elements such as iron oxides and pure mineral colorants to achieve the beautiful colors.

        (4). Have you tested your products on animals?
        • Natty Products are never tested on animals. I love to test them on myself, my family and our friends.

          (6). Why are natural products more expensive than products that are not natural?
          • Due to the fact that you are receiving some of the best most healthiest ingredients, they can be a bit more pricey. Chemical and synthetic ingredients, due to mass production, are very inexpensive to make. Large companies buy their products in bulk and sell in mass quantities, which allows them at a much lower price. Artificial chemicals are much cheaper than natural ingredients because they do not have to be grown, cared for, harvested and used before they expire. 

            (7). How do you preserve your products?
            • Natty Products incorporate Vitamin E, Sweet Orange Oil and potassium sorbate ( a natural preservative used in regular and organic food products) to naturally preserve them.

              (8). What are the shelf life of your products?
              • Natty Butter's shelf life is 6 months (this was the amount of time that I personally tested the product in different environmental elements)
              • Natty Moist has a shelf life of 6 months. I do ask that you refrigerate if the product will not be used for an extended amount of time.
              • Natty Gloss has a shelf life of 12 months
              • Natty ACV Hair and Scalp Mist has a shelf life of 6 months.
              • Natty Cupuacu and Rhassoul Deep Conditioner Has a shelf life of 4 months and is better and will last longer if refrigerated.
              • Because Natty Products are  natural, it is best to use them up. Keep all products out of direct sunlight and heat. Store them in a cool dark environment. 

                 (9). How do achieve the wonderful smells that are in your products?
                • I personally custom blend essential oils and fragrance oils made from incense rocks, that are then added to pure Grapeseed Oil or Olive Oil,  or pure essential oils are used to achieve the fragrance in the Natty Products.

                  (10).  Why is your shipping so expensive with the Natty Products?
                  • Unlike larger companies, I have negotiated the best possible rates through UPS, our main choice of shipping, which for us is the most economical and efficient way to ship. We do not look at shipping as a profit and in fact have lost hundreds of dollars in shipping costs thus far. And for a company our size, can hurt. We are charged extra for every residential delivery. And most packages that are shipped via UPS are usually $1- $2, sometimes $3, more than what the customer is charged and that's where we eat the cost. We are also charged fuel surcharges and depending on the state are charged more, which ATON eats the cost. As we grow, we hope to negotiate better rates via UPS.

                    (11) How do you use the products?
                    • For our products,  we include directions of use cards in each package. 

                      (12) Why do I need both the Natty Moist and the Natty Butter?
                      • Of course you can decide which works for your particular situation as to if you would need both. The Natty Moist serves as a conditioner and as a water based moisturizing styler. The Natty Moist can be used on both damp or dry hair due to it being a water based product. The Natty Butter is a butter and oil based product that is used for sealing and locking in moisture for hair and skin. You would apply the Natty Butter over wet or damp hair or over a water-based product, such as the Natty Moist.

                        (13) Where does the name Natty come from?
                        • The name Natty was a term that was thought of, for the product,  by my husband as a cute nickname for natural.

                          (14) Are you planning on creating a shampoo for the Natty line?
                          • At the current time, ATON does not plan to create a shampoo. However we have introduced a wonderful cleanser using the best ingredients to thoroughly cleanse the hair.

                            (15) Why did you decide to create an ACV Mist when you tell us how to mix our own ACV rinses?
                            • The Natty ACV Hair and Scalp Mist incorporates more than ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and Water, as stated on the ATON page. It also incorporates Ayurvedic herbs, Ayurvedic oils and essential oils that I have studied and tested that are specifically geared towards aiding in healing the scalp and keeping the hair and scalp healthy. This formula was tested on my own family and helped to heal my husband's scalp of excessive dryness and peeling. 

                              (16) Will the ACV Mist have a strong vinegar smell?
                              • Due to the blend of herbs and oils, the product will have a slight smell of ACV. The ACV will not be as strong as using a pure ACV rinse with water. The most dominant smell is a citrus smell due to the sweet orange oil.

                                (17) Are your products recommended for relaxed, locked, fine  or non ethnic hair?
                                • Absolutely! We have clients that use our Natty Moist and Natty Butter who are relaxed, texturized, locked, those who have chemical dyes and colorants. We have a multitude of clients who are white, Asian, and other nationalities who enjoy the Moist and Butter. Our daughter and youngest son have a very fine texture of hair and the products work well with their hair, we just use different amounts that what I would use for my thick coarse hair.

                                  (18) Have your products been tested on small children?
                                  • We use all of our Natty products on each of our 4 children ranging in age from 7 years to 6 months old with wonderful results. It's always best to test a small area on your child's wrist to ensure no allergies come about. 

                                    (19) I have seen so many positive reviews on your products. How do I know they will work for me?
                                    • Because a person will never know if they will work for their particular situation, this is why we offer a 2 oz Travel size of the Natty Butter for you to try out.

                                      (20) I notice that you rarely advertise your products, why is that?
                                      • Honestly, I have never been a pushy sales person. We feel that reviews will speak for itself. Because our company is not just about profit, profit, profit, we feel that when a person is ready they will purchase. We also feel that a person needs education on what the products are and how they work to achieve optimum results.

                                        (21) I noticed that on your Natty ACV Hair and Scalp Mist, it states that it's best used with all natural products, why is that?
                                        • Because the ACV Hair and Scalp Mist is geared towards removing synthetic ingredients as a mild clarifier as well as aiding in healing the scalp from the damage of using synthetic ingredients, continuously using  products with synthetic ingredients will only hinder the desired results of the ACV Mist's intended purpose.
                                        (22) What happens if my butter melts during transit?
                                        • Vegetable Butter Crystallization/Graininess: How to Eliminate

                                          Crystallization occurs when a vegetable butter melts, either intentionally or accidentally during warm conditions, and then cools back down too slowly.
                                          During transit, vegetable butters can melt or partially melt. As they re-cool, some butters, most particularly Shea Butter, can crystallize or become grainy. This does not impact the quality or usability of the butters. 
                                          To eliminate crystallization, carefully heat your butter to the point where it fully melts. We recommend using a double boiler, and we discourage use of a microwave. Most butters melt at 113°F (45°C). You do not want to overheat the butter as that makes it harder to cool it down properly, but some experts recommend continuing to heat the butter at just above the melting point for a few extra minutes. For Shea Butter, we recommend heating it to 175°F (80°C) and allowing it to remain heated at this temperature for 20 minutes.
                                          Immediately pour the butter into your desired container(s) and then place in the freezer (recommended) or refrigerator for rapid cool down. If you can, have the jars that you plan to use sitting on a cooking sheet, and use the cookie sheet to simultaneously transfer all the jars into the the freezer or refrigerator quickly. Once your butters have cooled to room temperature, they can be removed from the freezer or refrigerator. Though it does take a few hours for the butter gto melr, we do provide each customer with a tracking number to track their order and ensure that someone is home to receive their package so it does not sit in extreme temperatures during the hotter months.