** Loyalty Cards: Beginning, January 1, 2012 all total purchases of $15 or more will receive one NATTY PUNCH. On your 5th NATTY PUNCH, you will receive a FREE 8oz Natty Butter. How this will work is I will have a database of all names of persons with sales of $15 or more, date of purchase included..And on the 5th punch, you will receive an email notification alerting you of your FREE prize..That's right, buy 5, win a prize. Just a small token of saying, 'THANK YOU' Team Natty for your continued business. **Please note, per request, you can email me us to inquire about the number of punches you have acquired. To conserve on paper, all Team Natty Loyalty Cards will be sent via email to each qualifying customer.

**Example of How the card works: Customer makes a purchase of  $50.00. Customer receives 1 Natty Punch for their total puchase. Each purchase of $15 or more earns one Natty punch per purchase.
**Purchase of $15 or more is for product only and 1 punch is received per order, shipping is not included.

Gooo Team Natty!!! Let's Continue to support the Natural Journey and allow HIS nature to heal our mind, body and spirit


  1. I guess my eyes are bad I'm having problems reading yellow lol, please let me know how the loyalty card works, Thanks

    1. Problem solved, thanks for bringing to our attention

  2. Same here Kay.... can you please change the font color as we can not read the yellow.

  3. Loyalty card is important for purchases any type things.
    So helpful.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. im gonna need one of these cause im already on my second hooked. That cinnamon honey heaven scent is wonderful! These products are great. thanks ms Dominique!!

  5. hmm - question about loyalty card - my cart total is $145 so should i break these up to 5 separate purchases over the next 5 days to get my 5 punches, because per the punch card rules that would be considered 1 punch which isn't fair.

  6. I'm already on my 2nd order. It's only been 3 weeks.